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IPL 2022 Live Streaming: The Indian Premier League 2022 (also known as TATA IPL 2022) is the 15th edition is going to start from 26 March 2022 to 29 May 2022. The IPL 2022 Opening Match to Take Place on 26 March 2022 Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Total Ten teams from ten cities across India compete in the Indian Premier League.

IPL 2022 will begin in the regular IPL window between April and May 2022. This year the BCCI added two new IPL teams to the IPL 2022 tournament.


Are you looking for IPL 2022 Live? This article will cover everything you need to know about the IPL2022 Live streaming tv channel. Therefore, We walk you through how to watch IPL 2022 live on smartphones as well as TV.

Here, you will be able to watch live all the matches of IPL 2022 powered by TATA. In addition, IPL 2022 live score & Match is also available to watch live. This year total of fifty-nine matches (56 group matches, two qualifiers, one eliminator, and the final) will be held and broadcast worldwide.


Like every year, IPL’s live matches will be streamed live via Disney + Hotstar as it holds exclusive digital rights. Anyone who has signed up for the streaming app will be able to watch all matches. Similarly, Disney + Hotstar provides three subscriptions, including Disney + Hostar Mobile, Disney + Hotstar Super, and Disney + Hostar Premium.


In this article, we’ll discuss the method by which you will be able to stream IPL 2022 matches without having to pay an additional fee for a subscription for Disney + Hotstar. For live streaming of IPL 2022 on laptops and mobiles simply click the link above.


IPL 2022 will be live broadcast across India as well as around the globe across more than 125 countries. In addition, Here’s the list of channels where you can catch the most recent version of the IPL across India and across the world.

As we all know, the 2022 IPL will be streamed live via Star Sports channels in India. Customers can also stream the Livestream through the Disney+ Hotstar application. The IPL 2022 will air in eight different languages. Here’s the channel that you can watch IPL 2022 on in your local language.

India: Star Sports

United Kingdom: Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Main Event

United States: Willow TV

Australia: Fox Sports, Yupp TV

MENA: beIN Sports (beIN Sports 3)

South Africa: SuperSport

Pakistan: Geo Super (TBC)

New Zealand: Sky Sport NZ (Sky Sport 2)

Caribbean: Flow Sports (Flow Sports 2)

Canada: Willow TV

Bangladesh: Channel 9

Afghanistan: Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA)

Nepal: Yupp TV, Net TV Nepal, SimTV Nepal

Sri Lanka: Yupp TV, SLRC, Dialog TV, PeoTV

Maldives: Yupp TV, Medianet

Singapore: Disney + Hotstar (StarHub TV+)


Disney + Hotstar, Yupp TV, Foxtel


Cricket Radio, 89.1 Radio 4 FM, Gold 101.3 FM, Talksport


There are many ways to stream the latest version of TATA IPL live on your smartphone. There is a Disney + Hotstar Mobile subscription that costs Rs 499, which can be accessed by making a selection of recharges provided via Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone Idea (Vi), and by redeemed Super Coins on Flipkart. Therefore, Below are the full details that allow you to take advantage of your Hotstar Mobile subscription free of cost and get started with watching the IPL Live streaming from your smartphone.


Are you waiting eagerly for IPL 2022? There are 74 T20 matches scheduled to be played in IPL 2022. We know that there will be 10 teams participating in IPL 2022. Here, you will find the IPL full Schedule for 2022 based on the current 8 teams as well as two new teams. The final game in the competition is expected to take place on the 29th of May 2022.

Note: BCCI officially publishes IPL 2022 schedule.

Match NoMatch CentreDateTime (IST)Venue
1CSK vs KKRMarch 26, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
2DC vs MIMarch 27, 20223:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
3PBKS vs RCBMarch 27, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
4GT vs LSGMarch 28, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
5SRH vs RRMarch 29, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
6RCB vs KKRMarch 30, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
7LSG vs CSKMarch 31, 20227:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
8KKR vs PBKSApril 1, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
9MI vs RRApril 2, 20223:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
10GT vs DCApril 2, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
11CSK vs PBKSApril 3, 20227:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
12SRH vs LSGApril 4, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
13RR vs RCBApril 5, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
14KKR vs MIApril 6, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
15LSG vs DCApril 7, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
16PBKS vs GTApril 8, 20227:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
17CSK vs SRHApril 9, 20223:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
18RCB vs MIApril 9, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
19KKR vs DCApril 10, 20223:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
20RR vs LSGApril 10, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
21SRH vs GTApril 11, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
22CSK vs RCBApril 12, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
23MI vs PBKSApril 13, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
24RR vs GTApril 14, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
25SRH vs KKRApril 15, 20227:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
26MI vs LSGApril 16, 20223:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
27DC vs RCBApril 16, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
28PBKS vs SRHApril 17, 20223:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
29GT vs CSKApril 17, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
30RR vs KKRApril 18, 20227:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
31LSG vs RCBApril 19, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
32DC vs PBKSApril 20, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
33MI vs CSKApril 21, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
34DC vs RRApril 22, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
35KKR vs GJApril 23, 20223:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
36RCB vs SRHApril 23, 20227:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
37LSG vs MIApril 24, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
38PBKS vs CSKApril 25, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
39RCB vs RRApril 26, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
40GT vs SRHApril 27, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
41DC vs KKRApril 28, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
42PBKS vs LSGApril 29, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
43GT vs RCBApril 30, 20223:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
44RR vs MIApril 30, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
45DC vs LSGMay 1, 20223:30 PMWankhede Stadium
46SRH vs CSKMay 1, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
47KKR vs RRMay 2, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
48GT vs PBKSMay 3, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
49RCB vs CSKMay 4, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
50DC vs SRHMay 5, 20227:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
51GT vs MIMay 6, 20227:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
52PBKS vs RRMay 7, 20223:30 PMWankhede Stadium
53LSG vs KKRMay 7, 20223:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
54SRH vs RCBMay 8, 20223:30 PMWankhede Stadium
55CSK vs DCMay 8, 20223:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
56MI vs KKRMay 9, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
57LSG vs GTMay 10, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
58RR vs DCMay 11, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
59CSK vs MIMay 12, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
60RCB vs PBKSMay 13, 20227:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
61KKR vs SRHMay 14, 20227:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
62CSK vs GTMay 15, 20223:30 PMWankhede Stadium
63LSG vs RRMay 15, 20227:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
64PBKS vs DCMay 16, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
65MI vs SRHMay 17, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
66KKR vs LSGMay 18, 20227:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
67RCB vs GTMay 19, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
68RR vs CSKMay 20, 20227:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
69MI vs DCMay 21, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
70SRH vs PBKSMay 22, 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
71QUALIFIER 1TBD7:30 PMAhmedabad
73QUALIFIER 2TBD7:30 PMAhmedabad
74FINALMay 29, 20227:30 PMAhmedabad


If you want to download the PDF version of the schedule and store it on your smart device to check constantly. As a result, you can download it easily by clicking the below download link.

Download IPL 2022 Schedule, Date, Time, Fixture PDF

Note: To download IPL Schedule 2022 click the above link.


Ten teams are participating in the IPL 2022. Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans are the two brand new teams participating in the tournament. Therefore, the total number of matches will take place during IPL 2022.

Ahmedabad and Lucknow officially get a new IPL Franchise in IPL 2022

More teams mean more IPL and more fun for the fans! In IPL 2022, you will be able to see 10 teams competing in IPL 2022. IPL 2022.

The 10 teams will be divided into two main groups. They will compete in a total of 14 matches in the stage of group play. Each team will only play one match against the team that is in the opposite group. They will play two matches each against teams from other teams. But, all teams will be ranked according to the same points table during IPL 2022.


IPL 2022 FAQs:

What is the schedule of IPL 2022?

IPL 2022 will start on 26th March 2022.

When does the IPL 2022 start?

IPL 200 Schedule is between March’26 and May’29 2022.

How To Watch IPL Live?

You can watch IPL on the Sports channel and Smartphone as well.

How To Watch IPL Live In Mobile Free?

You can install Hotstar apps to watch IPL Live on your smartphone for free.

IPL Live In Which Channel?

All the live broadcasting channels mentioned above.

What is the new IPL team’s name?

There are 2 new teams added Lucknow Super Giants and Gujrat Titans.

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