Rabbitholebd is the most popular sports OTT platform in Bangladesh. This OTT platform covers all Bangladesh cricket international matches live stream on youtube and their official website. You will happy to know that all Rabbitholebd Live Sports are also available here. This time it has gone beyond Bangladesh cricket and started broadcasting cricket from other countries of the world. They have already become the official broadcast partners of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Bangladesh vs South Africa Live || 1st ODI

Rabbitholebd Live Sports – র‍্যাবিটহোলবিডি সরাসরি

We all die-hard cricket fans are always aware of watching Live Cricket especially Bangladesh cricket matches. There are multiple sports streaming channels already launched in Bangladesh especially GTV and T Sports Live BD. But this is the matter of worry that how can we watch live cricket matches over the Internet in Bangladesh? Don’t worry, we have Rabbitholebd that covers all Bangladesh cricket matches on youtube. Rabbitholebd is an official partner of GTV so you can also watch Gtv Live over Rabbitholebd OTT.

Watch Rabbitholebd Live 2021

Every sports lover always watch Bangladesh all cricket matches. They always want to know where the live telecast is going on. If you are searching for watching Rabbitholebd live over internet you are in the right place. Here, you will find all the local and international cricket match live streaming video. Actually, we publish Rabbitholebd youtube embeded video by following Youtube’s Terms. You can watch you favorite sports from here.

Are you looking for Rabbitholebd live? this page contains all your favorite sports tournaments live including ICC Cricket World Cup, IPL, BPL, etc. You can watch those sports matches by your smartphone. Keep your eyes on this page always, you can bookmark this page as well.

Short Info About RabbitholeBD

Name: RabbitholeBD
Platform: OTT (Over the Top)
Official Website:www.rabbitholebd.com
Official Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RabbitholebdSports

Upcoming Live Event On RabbitholeBD

The most wanted upcoming event is “ICC T20 World Cup 2021”. The 7th T20 Cricket World Cup is set for the UAE and Oman between 17 and 14 October 2021. RabbitholeBD will also broadcast one of the biggest events in the world. You will be able to watch all the matches of the World Cup on RabbitholeBD. RabbitholeBD have already become the official broadcast partners of the International Cricket Council (ICC). So, they can now stream any internation cricket matches over the Internet.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 – RabbitholeBD

The 7th T20 Cricket World Cup has been set for the UAE and Oman between 17 and 14 October 2021. The tournament was originally scheduled to take place in Australia between October 18 and November 15, 2020. The International Cricket Council (ICC), however, confirmed in July 2020 that the tournament was being moved to 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The ICC affirmed India’s hosting the 2021 tournament in August 2020.

The Final will be held in Dubai on 14/11. On Tuesday 17 August, the ICC announced the fixtures of the marquee tournament. This is everything you need to know.

RabbitholeBD OTT Platform Bangladesh

Entertainment platform RabbitholeBD is a popular name among Bangladeshi viewers, especially sports enthusiasts. The journey of this platform started in 2016 with the live broadcast of the match of the Bangladesh national team. From the journey that started with the Rabbithole app, through the RabbitholeBD Sports YouTube channel and the RabbitholeBD website launched in 2016, not only all the matches of the Tigers but also more than 30 cricket matches including the matches of popular cricket BPL, IPL and DPL. It has gained immense popularity among sports fans by broadcasting live without a subscription fee.

Apart from broadcasting the ICC Cricket World Cup live in 2019 without any subscription fee, the digital platform is at the peak of its popularity by broadcasting 6 ICC events including 4 World Cups and 2 Asia Cups so far.

Top Bangladeshi Sports Channels

Below is a list of the top Bangladeshi Sports Channels. The most popular sport in Bangladesh is cricket. Every Bengali people are a cricket lover. There has been a BD TV channel that has become a sports channel for the past 10 years. Below is a list.

  1. Gazi TV (Gtv)
  2. Channel 9
  3. Maasranga TV
  4. Bangladesh Television (BTV)
  5. Tsports (New Sports Channel)
  6. RabbitholeBD

In Conclusion, Hope you guys enjoying RabbitholeBD! By the way, all other Bengal channels are available on this site, you can watch anytime anywhere just bookmark this page. If you like RabbitholeBD live please share this with your friends so that they can easily watch any cricket match. Join our Facebook Group for the latest updates.

The GTV lets you watch all Bangladesh Tigers live cricket matches worldwide. Gtv is also known as Gazi Tv to the general people of Bangladesh. When it comes to watching cricket online, so everyone checks where Gtv Live Streaming. It’s connected to our feelings and emotions when it comes to cricket.

We love our country and love ours, Tigers Team Bangladesh. The Gazi Tv knows our feelings. They continuously broadcast Bangladesh’s all local and overseas cricket matches worldwide.

Are you looking for watching Gazi tv online? Well, you are in the right place. We always prefer all cricket lovers needs. Now you can watch all T20 World Cup 2021 cricket matches on this website. You can also watch Gtv live today matches n their youtube channel.

Gtv Live Streaming – (সরাসরি খেলার মাঠ থেকে)

Nowadays, watching Tv channels on smart devices is not so hard at all. You need a high-speed internet connection and a smart device. The Gtv is one of the most popular and highest ranking Tv channels in Bangladesh. The popularity behind this channel is streaming cricket live. They also stream cricket on their youtube channel. When the Bangladesh cricket team plays any matches, everyone searches for Gtv Live Streaming to watch that match live online.

Bangladesh vs South Africa Live || 1st ODI

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka | ICC T20 | এইখানে দেখুন ↆↆ

The Gtv is not permitted to live telecast all International cricket matches on their youtube channel. They can stream a few selected games on their youtube channel publicly. So now the question arises that how can a cricket fan watch Gtv Live online? You don’t need to think about that. We are here to solve this problem. You can now enjoy all Bangladesh Tigers cricket matches on this website.

Gtv Live Streaming App

There are tons of Gtv Live Streaming Android App on the Google Play store, but few of them work correctly. There is no official GTV application for Android or IOS devices. But still, you can find some Tv app that stream GTV. The best way to watch Gazi tv on a smartphone is BDIX Ftp servers. We have an article regarding FTP Server Bangladesh for watching all Bangla Tv channels on Android or IOS smartphones.

Gtv Live Streaming on Youtube

The Gtv also live telecast on their official youtube channel. You can watch all programs of Gazi tv on their youtube channel. Besides sports, they also cover all kinds of programs such as Drama, News, Bangla Natok, Bangla Movies, etc. Recently, Gtv has become the official broadcasting partner of the International Cricket Council (ICC). Now they can cover all ICC cricket matches without any obstacle. Besides Gazi tv Bangladesh Rabbitholebd the OTT platform also becomes the official broadcasting partner of ICC.

There is an interconnection between GTV and Rabbitholebd. The Rabbitholebd is a partner of GTV who can stream Giv’s all live streaming cricket matches. You can also watch International and local live cricket matches on Rabbitholebd’s youtube channel and website.

Top Sports Streaming Platform in Bangladesh

There are multiple Sports Streaming platforms in Bangladesh. Recently, Tsports was added to this list as well. The trending news is that Tsports is going to a dedicated sports channel in Bangladesh. This channel is going to a revolution for Bangladeshi cricket lovers. Here is a list of top sports/cricket streaming Tv channels in Bangladesh.

  1. Gazi TV (GTV)
  2. Tsports (New Sports Channel)
  3. Rabbitholebd (OTT)
  4. Channel 9
  5. Maasranga TV
  6. Bangladesh Television (BTV)

In conclusion, I hope that you will get the information about Gtv Live Streaming. Keep your eyes on GtvLive24.Com to watch Gtv live 24 hours and all sports as well. Don’t forget to share this website to your friends so that they can also watch live streaming Gazi Tv and other Bangla TV as well.

The Somoy TV is also knows as Somoy News. It is one of the most popular and renowned 24-hours Bangla news channel in Bangladesh. It’s a non government Tv channel that provides recent news all over the world. It’s a best source of news and entertainment towards the people who wants to get news 24 hours. People who wants to get the recent news looking for Somoy Tv Live or Somoy News Online to watch live news telecast.

In this article, you will find all information about Somoy Television and watching Somoy news online easily. Somoy Tv can be a good source of news on at home and abroad. They provide quality and authentic news worldwide.

Somoy Tv Live – (সময় টিভি লাইভ)

The Somoy Tv Live – সময় টিভি লাইভ plays a vital role in providing news and views of the country. You can get the recent news from all over the country on somoy news online. They have hundreds of news reporters a nd thousands of news sources that consistently provide the best news. There are different kinds of news and magazine such as Sports News, Entertainment News, Political News, etc.

News can be a great source of knowledge. You can gain various kinds of information from news/newspaper/news television. The primary purpose of watching news tv channels or reading a newspaper is to know the ongoing news at home and abroad.

Somoy Tv Bangladesh – (সময় টিভি)

The Somoy Tv is one of the mainstream news Tv channels in Bangladesh. The headquarter of the somoy tv is at 89, Bir Uttam CR Dutta Road, Banglamotor, Dhaka. It has a broadcast NOC license from the government of the Bangladesh. It first launched on 17 April 2011. Besides this Tv channel, they also provide news on their official website at www.somoynews.tv. You can watch Somoy Tv online easily because they have a youtube channel where they live telecast news 24 hours.

Name:Somoy TV / Somoy News / সময় টিভি
Broadcast Area:Bangladesh
Headquarters:89, Bir Uttam CR Dutta Road, Banglamotor, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
Owner:Somoy Media Ltd.
Launched:17 April 2011

Somoy Tv Live Today

Are you looking for Somoy Tv Live Today? The Somoy Tv telecast Bangla news 24 hours a day. It’s a dedicated Bangla news Tv channel in Bangladesh. You can read the information or watch news live telecast on this tv channel any time of the day. They collect all the news all over the country and reach out to people worldwide. They have strong media to publish their reports to the general people.

Somoy Tv Live Now

If you want to watch Somoy Tv Live Now, you are in the right place as we mentioned that somoy tv telecast news 24 hours a day. Every hour they publish new news and views of the country. They cover all types of news such as Entertainment, Sports News, Political News, Economical News, etc. Here, we have already shared their youtube channel, which is live telecasting now.

In conclusion, I hope you have found the necessary information about Somoy Tv Live and Somoy Tv News Online. Now you can find the recent news of the country very quickly from here. Keep your eyes on this page to get the latest update of Somoy Tv.

Are you looking for BTV Live? Well, you are in the right place. In this article, you will find all the information about BTV. Bangladesh Television (BTV) is a government television company in Bangladesh. People also know BTV as BTV world in Bangladesh. This channel is very much popular in a rural areas in Bangladesh. BTV is continuously streaming almost all kinds of Entertaining things such as Dramas, Bangla Movies, Bangla Natok, Telefilms, Bangla History, etc. In addition, BTV also live broadcasts all Bangladeshi trending sports, especially cricket. Yes! You heard it right, Btv live streaming T20 World Cup 2021 all Bangladesh’s matches beside GTVT Sports, and Rabbitholebd. The authority of Bangladesh Television knows well that cricket is the heart of all general people in Bangladesh. Now you can enjoy Bangladesh’s all matches live on BTV and BTV World Live.

So read this article to watch BTV live online on your smartphone from anywhere. We can now watch any Tv channel on our smart devices with the benefit of the Internet. In that case, you need a strong Internet connection and an intelligent device that supports video streaming.

BTV Live – বিটিভি সরাসরি

We all know that BTV is a very old and renowned Government Television in Bangladesh. Almost all of us have been familiar with this TV channel from our very childhood. We used to watch different kinds of programs on BTV before cable TV networks. Now the cable networks are everywhere, and the channel of cable networks are more popular than TV. Similarly, BTV is also trying to increase their popularity by streaming live cricket matches which the general people want to watch. The cricket lovers of Bangladesh always wants to watch all the scheduled matches of Bangladesh Tigers. But the matter of worry that we can not be always in front of Television. In that case, the one and only option is to watch live streaming online.

ICC T20 World Cup 2021 | এইখানে দেখুন ↆↆ

Therefore, if you are searching for BTV Live cricket streaming you are in the right place. Here, we have a best solution for you. You can now watch BTV Live and BTV World live streaming easily. We always share the live Bangla channels information.

BTV Live Cricket – বিটিভি সরাসরি ক্রিকেট

As mentioned, BTV also live broadcasts cricket and other local sports besides other sports channels in Bangladesh. This Government TV channel only streams Bangladesh Tigers Cricket Matches. There is another reason behind this though the cable network is available almost everywhere in Bangladesh. But some rural areas are still not getting the service of Cable networks. And poor people cannot afford the cost of the cable network in rural areas. They only know BTV and watch BTV, so they can easily watch Bangladesh Tigers Cricket matches on BTV.

Btv continuously streaming ICCs major tournaments has ICC T20 World Cup, ICC ODI World Cup, and BPL. You can watch all matches of the Bangladesh Team on BTV live and BTV World Live.

Bangladesh Television (BTV) – বিটিভি

Bangladesh Television (BTV) is the national Tv channel of Bangladesh owned by the Bangladesh Government. BTV is also well known as the BTV world to the people of Bangladesh. BTV started its journey on December 25, 1964, 56 years ago (as Pakistan Television), and March 26, 1971, 50 years ago (as Bangladesh Television). The headquarter of Btv is in Rampura, Dhaka. There are two sister channels of BTV.

  1. BTV World
  2. BTV Chittagong
Name:BTV / BTV World
Headquarters: Rampura, Dhaka
Owner: Government of Bangladesh
Launched: December 25, 1964
Website: btv.gov.bd
short info about Bangladesh Television (BTV)

Other Live Sports Channels in Bangladesh

There are multiple sports streaming channels in Bangladesh. All the channels broadcast almost all types of sports, local and International, both. Especially Bangladesh cricket is very much popular to the general people of Bangladesh. As a result, the popularity of the sports channels is highest. If you are a Bangladeshi and want to watch sports on a Bangladeshi channel, you will have multiple options now. There is two significant sports channel that covers almost all local and overseas sports.

  1. Gazi TV (GTV)
  2. Tsports

One OTT platform in Bangladesh covers all major cricket tournaments such as IPL, BPL, ICC World Cups, and Premier leagues. This is no other than:

  1. Rabbitholebd

The good news is that Sport is going to be a dedicated sports channel for Bangladesh. Similarly, Gazi TV (GVT) and Rabbitholebd have become the official broadcast partners of the International Cricket Council (ICC). So we Cricket lovers are going to have another level of experience.

In conclusion, I hope all you guys have found the necessary information about BTV Live. I hope you can now watch BTV Live streaming cricket on your smartphone. Keep visiting us to get updates about live cricket in Bangladesh. We always try to share the live streaming info on this website.