FTP Server BD – BDIX FTP Servers List in BD (এফটিপি সার্ভার)

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FTP Server is a program that allows data to be transferred between computers. Clients connect to the server and issue commands to download, upload, or list directories. In other words, An FTP server is a folder on your ISP’s server computer where they upload movies, series, songs, games, software, etc., of their choice. A Broadband Internet user can download or watch any files with high speed through an FTP server.

For those who are heavyweight users, it is difficult to imagine a day without BDIX Movie Server. Currently, all ISPs of the country provide the benefits of BDIX server.

What is BDIX?

The full meaning of BDIX is “Bangladesh Internet Service Exchange,” which refers to a high-speed internet exchange in Bangladesh. Every broadband internet service provider (ISP) has a minimum of 1 FTP server. You can download the files at a heavy speed though you have taken a low-speed connection. All high-level ISP or Major ISP organizations of Bangladesh have created BDIX.

FTP Server BD – BDIX (সকল এফটিপি সার্ভার)

There are tons of internet service providers (ISP) in Bangladesh. Every ISP has a minimum of one FTP server. Majority of the FTP server supports BDIX. If you have a broadband internet connection, you may hear about the FTP server. On the other hand, most internet users don’t know the FTP server of their ISP. In that case, you can call your ISP to know about your ISP’s FTP servers. Moreover, here you will find a list of all FTP Server in BD. We listed these FTP Server links to different categories so that you can get the FTP Server quickly. The FTP Server BD list is as following:

ICC FTP Server –

Everyone who is an ICC broadband internet user should know the IP address as it’s an official Ftp server for ICC communication. If you’re using an ICC board brand connection, you can visit this address using any browser. The ICC board branding communication uses this FTP server available accessible to users to give them a high quality TV and movie HD file links. The Icc Ftp Server given below.


Best Live Sports Servers

GTV Live www.gtvlive24.com
Rabbitholebd Live www.gtvlive24.com/rabbitholebd
TSports Live www.gtvlive24.com/tsports

Best BDIX FTP Servers for Movies

Asian FTP http://asianftp.com/
BD Lan http://www.bdlan.net/
Bongo BD FTP https://www.bongobd.com/en/
Boss BD http://www.bossbd.net/
Cartoons Server http://cm.dfnbd.net/
City Cloud
CrazyCTG http://crazyctg.com/
DFN DB http://media.dfnbd.net/
Dhaka – FTP http://dhakaftp.com/
Dhaka Movie http://www.dhakamovie.com/
Discovery FTP http://discoveryftp.net/
Dnet Drive FTP https://dnetbd.com/
E-Box File Server http://fileserver.ebox.live/
Fun Time BD http://funtimebd.com/
GenVideos https://genvideos.org/
Inspire FTP http://ihub.live/
IT Base BD http://itbasebd.net/
Jhal Muri http://jhalmuri.xyz/
Kiss Anime https://kissanime.ru/
Mango Gamers https://mangogamers.com/
Media FTP
Moja Loss http://www.mojaloss.net/
Movie Box BD http://movieboxbd.com/
Movie Haat http://moviehaat.net/
Movie Mela Live http://www.moviemela.live/
Movie Server – Bangla http://bn.dfnbd.net/
Movie Server – English http://em.dfnbd.net/
MyBDPlex http://mybdplex.com/
Natural BD http://www.naturalbd.com/
Net Matrix BD http://media.netmatrixbd.com/
Net Matrix BD http://media.netmatrixbd.com/
Net Movie Server
[email protected] BD http://www.netathomebd.com/
OnBDIX http://onbdix.com/
Panda Club BD http://pandaclubbd.com/
Quick Online
Quick Online FTP http://quickonlineftp.com/
SAM FTP https://samftp.com/
Seba IT
Spark Net BD https://sparknetbd.com/
The Introvision http://theintrovision.com/
VdoMela FTP http://vdomela.com/

Live IPTV Servers in BD

AMRBD LIVE TV http://amrbd.com/
BDIPTV https://bdiptv.stream/
BDIX LIVE TV http://www.bdixtv.live/
BDIXSPORTS http://tv.bdixsports.com
DDN LIVE TV (CTGTV) http://ddn.oncast.me/
EBOX LIVE TV http://tv.ebox.live/
FLASH NET LIVE TV http://tv.flashnetbd.net/
IBOX LIVE TV http://iboxbd.live/
PLUSBOX LIVE TV http://plusbox.tv/
RANGDHANU LIVE TV http://tv.rangdhanu.live/
SMARTBOX LIVE TV http://smartbox.digital/

Best Torrent FTP ServerS in Bangladesh

CRAZY HD https://www.crazyhd.com/
TORRENTBD https://www.torrentbd.com/

Check Available FTP Servers – BDIX Tester App

Now you can check your available FTP servers on your android smartphone. It is an excellent featured application that allows users to test the FTP server. If you don’t know your ISP’s FTP server, then this is a great option. You just need a smartphone that is connected to your broadband internet. There are tons of FTP servers in Bangladesh. To check the available FTP Servers for your ISPs, download the BDIX Tester app from Google Play. After that, open it in your android phone and run the tester; a list of the available server will show up shortly.

In Conclusion, I hope you get the latest list of all FTP Server in Bangladesh. We tried to make a full and final list of all FTP Servers. However, sometimes the link changes by the service provider. Keep your eyes on this page to get the latest FTP links to download and watch Movies, Games, Software at high speed.

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